Construction work in the EKOM transfer area module 1 to EUROGATE

Due to several broken manhole covers and damage in the asphalt pavement, it is necessary to refurbish the van carrier route in the Eurokombi transfer area of module 1 to EUROGATE.

The construction work will be carried out in three construction phases for three days each.

Although the construction work does not directly affect the track system, it can lead to disabilities in the handling in Modul 1, because during the construction works the transfer area of containers from / for EUROGATE is only available to a reduced extent.

The implementation of the construction measures is planned in the following sections:
Section 1: 12.08 to 14.08
Section 2: 19.08 to 21.08
Section 3: 26.08 to 28.08

If there are any changes in time, we will inform you immediately.

08.08.2019 15:53:05

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