Severe weather in Northern Germany / Overhead line fault

Due to the stormy weather in northern Germany, with the result that trees have fallen onto the tracks and overhead lines, the Hamburg-Hannover and Hamburg-Bremen/Bremerhaven lines are currently partially closed. The rail network around Bremerhaven is also severely disrupted, causing significant delays of up to 24 hours.

At present, all traffic is routed via the Harburg-Maschen section with considerable delays.

Furthermore, an ICE has damaged an overhead line in the Celle area, this track is currently closed.

Please note that there may be consequential damage/further delays until the rail network in Hamburg and Bremerhaven has fully recovered from the severe weather consequences.

As a precautionary measure, we would like to point out that liability on our part is excluded for all resulting costs.

18.09.2019 12:20:34

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