Truck Transport rates 2022

Dear business partner!

The year 2021 is currently entering the home stretch.
A year that has presented us with logistical and health challenges like no other in the company's history. Thanks to our great team and progress in digitalization, we were able to keep the burdens within an acceptable and marketable range and always remain efficient despite all given circumstances.
In addition to the generally known problems such as staff shortages, short-term order changes due to delays in the transport chains and the enormous increase in fuel costs, there are now also massive price increases due to inflation.

In order to be able to continue to offer you quality and efficiency, it is absolutely necessary to adjust the transport tariffs for the year 2022. We have again tried to keep the tariff adjustments as low as possible in this challenging environment and will increase our freight rates by 6% as of 01.01.2022, the additional charges will also be adjusted according to the dependent inflation. Please ask your account manager for details.

Thank you for your understanding. We also thank you for your loyalty to our company during these challenging times and together we wish you a more stable 2022 with hopefully better media headlines than 2021, which is now coming to an end.
Stay healthy and here's to continued partnership in 2022.

28.12.2021 16:43:35

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