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Rhine Shuttle Wolfurt Freight

The reliable shuttle train connection between Wolfurt and the largest container port of Europe.

Two time a week the Rhine-Shuttle Wolfurt is connecting the container terminal Wolfurt with the swiss terminals Frenkendorf respectively Rekingen over night and from there the Rotterdam terminals Rail Service Center (RSC) and Maasvlakte.

There is also the possibility to use our antennas to Antwerp and Melzo.

Due to the cheaper THC, as well as easier customs clearance for export containers (ZAPP/BHT), Rotterdam offers itself as an alternative to the northern ports.

Advanced Containerlogistics.

Continental shipments and empty containers between Austria and Switzerland v.v are, of course, also possible. We are pleased to offer you even the Feeding lines per rail to/from all operated Swiss and Austrian stations and private sidings.

Powered by IMS

The Rhine Shuttle Wolfurtsees itself as a open „IMS company train“.
The traction is provided by proofed railway companies, the operational processing and production is exclusively in our hands. Which means that the trains are at our risk. We take the decision of which container gets loaded.

Another advantage is our short time in transit of approx 18 hours from Rotterdam

Your benefits

Exclusively produced by IMS, neutrally and independently offered on the market. So there are no influences of other companies

Loading schedules and desicions are flexible according to the demands of our customers and are taken by the IMS team

An according to the demands of the market sensitively tailored aggregate product including additional services

One-stop-shopping by a serie of connected services as well as interfaces with the terminals, customs-service, truckings and many more

Specially trained employees with know-how and years of experience in the area of container traffic

Own equiment for optimized disposition

Traction organized by certified and proofed partners

Own branches in the ports



2 departures per week from Wolfurt

18 departures per week from the swiss terminals

Time in transit A-C as shuttle

Tightly calculated cancellation times at the terminals

Feeding lines per rail to/from all sidings in Switzerland

Tme Tables

Rhine Shuttle Wolfurt
X-Gate Frenkendorf -Wolfurt
X-Gate Rekingen -Wolfurt

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.