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Solutions for domestic traffic in Austria Freight

The domestic trains of IMS are developed in terms of transit time and cost.
Therefore, short delivery times and an optimal price-performance ratio distinguish all of our domestic trains..

Your benefits

Due to direct trains shortest transit times due to direct trains

Cost effective alternative to the state railway

IMS owned Slots which are commercialize by IMS, there are no influences of other companies

An according to the demands of the market sensitively tailored aggregate product including additional services

One-stop-shopping by a serie of connected services as well as interfaces with the terminals, customs-service, truckings and many more

Specially trained employees with know-how and years of experience in the area of rail traffic

Traction organized by certified and proofed partners


Time Tables

X-Gate Domestic Vienna-Graz
X-Gate Domestic Vienna-Enns
X-Gate Domestic Enns-Graz

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.