Press Releases - 2013 Freight

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IMS opens branch office in Rotterdam

Vienna, 31. December 2013

To the increased demand on the routes to and from the western ports IMS responds with a recent extension of the branches.
After Brussels in May 2013 now a own branch was established in Rotterdam.

"As early as the end of October 2013, the new office was registered under the name IMS CARGO Netherlands B. V., the operational start was planned from the beginning with 01.01.2014. "says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.

"Also in consideration of the soon starting train product from Wolfurt to Rotterdam with antennas to Antwerp, Zeebrugge and to Melzo the step being able to act local was important for us." Tomassovich continued, "But we will continue to cooperate with our partner in Rotterdam, the company Modal Link. "

IMS currently has subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Twinhub partners

To route and control the future traffic to and from the western ports (Rotterdam and Antwerp) better and more efficient, the project "Twinhub" of the Delft University was launched.
IMS act, in addition to other well-known representatives of the logistics industry, as a partner and will support he project with corresponding rail connections.


From IMS to IMS, and everything keeps better

Vienna, 29. November 2013

As part of the internationalization of the IMS Group, numerous new companies were founded throughout Europe in the recent years and successfully established in the market.

For the purpose of standardization of the company names we have now also the Austrian company adapted to the already well-known naming.

From 29.11.2013 we operate under the company name

IMS CARGO Austria GmbH

Contacts, addresses and our VAT number remain the same.


Jan Winkler nominated as new Branch Manager in Hamburg

Hamburg, 01 November 2013

With 01.11.2013 Mr. Jan Winkler takes over the management of the IMS office in Hamburg.

"Mr. Winkler has years of experience in the intermodal area and will ideally complement our team in Hamburg.", Mario Gruber, CSO at IMS, is convinced.

Most recently, Jan Winkler was responsible for sales at TFG Transfracht.


Inauguration of the „Brabo-Shuttle” - Antwerp Zomerweg – Frenkendorf CT

Basel, 18. October 2013

Under the brand "Brabo shuttle" the combi operator IMS Rail Switzerland launched on 22 October 2013 a new product between Antwerp and Frenkendorf.

"The Brabo shuttle complements the existing IMS network ideally.", said Enrique Rivas , CEO of IMS Rail Switzerland .

Per overnight service the quays Q420 , Q730 , Q86 , Q913 , Q1700 , Q1742 in Antwerp will be served, all other quays are connected by truck.
With daily train antennas the Port of Zeebrugge is also achievable with the Brabo shuttle.

"By concentrating our traffic to the container terminal Frenkendorf our customers can benefit not only from established procedures , but can also combine all subsequent to/from Rotterdam , Italy and now Antwerp idealy to optimize the truck resources. " said Enrique Rivas , "Moreover, Frenkendorf also offers for long-haul traffic (Antwerp - Milano ) ideal interchanges to the corresponding shuttle trains in our network."

Also the Brabo-Shuttle offers our traditional service "all in one hand" for the feeding lines per rail to/from all operated Swiss railway stations and private sidings (Swiss Split service).


Hannibal and IMS RAIL Switzerland welcomes SSC members at the rail hub of Melzo

Milan, 17. October 2013

Over 50 managers representing the most important Swiss freight forwarders and cargo owners joined the event organized by the SSC and the rail operators IMS RAIL Switzerland / Hannibal S.p.A (Contship Italia Group) in Melzo today. IMS and Hannibal are offering since May 2013 reliable rail connections between the Ligurian ports and Frenkendorf (near Basel/Switzerland) via Melzo, being committed to offer Swiss importers and exporters new effective logistics solutions for their global supply chain.

“The DRY PORT of Melzo/Milan is a perfect gateway to/from the Southern European ports for Swiss importers and exporters” - said Bernhard Metzger, Vice President of SSC and head of Transport and Logistics of Migros, Switzerland’s leading retailer. “I want to say thank you to Contship and IMS for their support. They realized what was promised one year ago and they continue to be committed to solving any future requirements of ours”.

Sebastiano Grasso, Vice President Intermodal & Logistics of Contship Italia Group and Hannibal’s managing Director, said opening the session: “Melzo has been developed in order to offer reliable connections between the Italian Ports and richest Economic European areas. We will continue and further improve the logistics options for Swiss shippers that definitely can trust on a reliable business partner in Italy”.
The presentation was also attended by Marco Simonetti, Vice President Maritime Terminals Contship who showed the delegates the latest news on the Group’s Terminals. "Today in La Spezia we are handling over 37% of import and export throughputs by rail. Our shareholders are committed to further develop our target in order to achieve a quota of 50% via rail".

Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS RAIL, introduced details of today’s rail services and a picture of La Spezia and Genoa ports advantages through the available sea connections encompassing continents served by top global shipping lines. “This is the second time we are joining such an interesting visit in Melzo and we are proud to show our reliable network of services which make Swiss dreams of a better Southern European Ports use come true”.

Many questions and comments raised during the session, especially related to customs clearance needs in Italy, pre-clearing options and the new through Bill of Lading (DAT Melzo = Delivery At Terminal) which gives Swiss shippers the chance of an even faster transit time between the Ligurian Ports and Swiss origins/destinations, providing customs clearance services in Melzo DRY PORT.
The delegation also took the opportunity of a terminal visit, where important developments will take place by the end of 2014, when four internal rail tracks will be available, each of 750 meters of length.

Swiss Shippers’ Council SSC is the Swiss Multimodal Transport users organization and the only neutral freight transport organization which operates on a broad scale, encompassing the interests of Swiss industry, trade and consumers.

HANNIBAL Spa is a Contship Italia Group subsidiary providing intermodal links over the Alps. Hannibal connects the main Italian ports to central and North European industrial areas providing pure rail transport as well as intermodal solutions.

IMS Rail Switzerland AG was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of IMS Group and it is focused on the organization of complete trains-block and in the management of gateways connected for maritime traffic.



Patrick Schleifer is Head of Continental Services at IMS

Vienna, 1. August 2013

Mr. Patrick Schleifer, MBA takes over the management of the Continental Division at IMS with 01.08.2013.

"With Patrick Schleifer we have gained an experienced manager in the Continental Logistics, which will expand our network of intermodal rail connections with new Continental routes.", Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, is convinced.

Most recently, Patrick Schleifer was responsible for the procurement with partner railways at Rail Cargo Austria (RCA).


IMS takes over the majority of Intercontainer Ibèrica S.A.

Vienna, 3. Juli 2013

With effect from 27 June 2013, the container operator IMS, takes over the majority of the Intercontainer Ibèrica S.A. and expands ist reach to Spain and Portugal.

The shares were taken form Interconainer-Interfrigo s.a. (in liquidation).
The cooperation for development of Intercontainer Ibèrica SA Ibérica with the co-shareholder RENFE, which welcomes the acquisition of the equity of ICF by IMS, will continue unchanged.

"With this step, we come closer to our goal to be present as a full service provider across Europe", commented Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, the takeover.

Currently Intercontainer Ibèrica operates train connections within Spain and from Spain to Portugal and offers a wide range of ground-prone services in combined transport as well as in Spain nationwide local deliveries, customs clearance, etc.

"Despite the difficult economic environment, we expect with the acquisition synergies with our existing products," said Tomassovich further "an extension of the transports to France, Belgium and also in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland are reviewed at the moment."

Intercontainer Ibèrica, domiciled in Madrid, is since 1998 established in the Spanish and Portuguese market as a neutral container operator in the service of domestic and international carriers and transport intermediaries.

The core markets are continental and maritime traffic between the Iberian ports. In addition to the current products Intercontainer Ibèrica offer innovative new products, which are geared to the needs of customers.
In recent years, Intercontainer Ibérica has, in addition to the development of high-quality products, especially in the field of chemistry adapted to the market needs.


IMS takes over service from Vienna Koper-Baltic Rail

Vienna, 21 June 2013 - With immediate effect, the container operator IMS assumes the rail connection between Koper and Vienna of Baltic Rail.

"We will offer two round trips on, but generally plan to expand this service.", says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.

"Also, we are pleased that we were able to enthusiasm the present haulage operator, LTE Graz, for a continuation of this traffic. The years of experience in Slovenia and Austria are very important to us."

The takeover also remain the recently started connections between Graz and Enns / Vienna / Hamburg / Bremerhaven / Rotterdam and Antwerp will stay in the program.


IMS opens branch in Belgium and is now represented in 7 European countries

Vienna, 22 May 2013

IMS is now represented in the Belgian capital Brussels with its own branch.
"Due to increased demand from and to Antwerp, specifically in the Swiss market, we have decided to establish a branch office in Belgium.", explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, the extension to the now 7th European country.

Due to the laws in Belgium, the company will start operations in the next few weeks.

IMS currently maintains offices in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Twinhub partners

To route and control the future traffic to and from the western ports (Rotterdam and Antwerp) better and more efficient, the project "Twinhub" of the Delft University was launched.
IMS act, in addition to other well-known representatives of the logistics industry, as a partner and will support he project with corresponding rail connections.


New shuttle train Switzerland - Italian ports for the Combined transport

Basel, 14. May 2013 - IMS connects Basel with Melzo, Genoa, La Spezia and Ravenna

On 15.05.2013, the neutral Basel based operator IMS Rail Switzerland AG is the "Frenkendorf - Melzo shuttle" starts a new shuttle train connection.
The connection is oriented on the unaccompanied combined transport (UCT) between the Swiss container terminal Fenkendorf (just outside Basel) and the Italian container terminal Melzo (east from Milan). From Melzo run several times a day direct connecting trains to and from the Italian offshore terminals Genova Voltri Mare, Genova Sech, La Spezia LSCT and Ravenna.

The shuttle can transport all common maritime intermodal transport units from 20 'to 45' and also Flat-, Open Top Containers and special containers.

But the terminal in Melzo in Milano, with ist container depot, not only ideal condition for containerized maritime transport, but with ist location east of the Lombard capital also ideally located for continental traffic to and from the driving areas between Milano and Venezia. Thanks to the attractive overnight connection of the "Frenkendorf - Melzo shuttle" this connection is ideally suited for alpine transit, which save the trucks the way across the heavily loaded bypass motorway, especially for driving lands east of Milano. A further expansion for the transport of truck trailers is provided for short-term (without trailer). For the delivery and pickup in Melzo a specialized truck fleet is available.

With the "Frenkendorf - Melzo shuttle" a long-cherished wish of the Swiss economy and the Swiss freight forwarders come true, to link the Italian offshore terminals with a continuous rail link to Switzerland. This concern is of particular importance, since it allows to disentangle the strong to the northern ports (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp) orientated maritime traffic and at the same time to benefit of the massively short sea routes from the Far East to the Mediterranean Sea.

In the final stage of extension each container train is able to transport about 40 truck loads over the long distances and pass for the delivery / collection to the road, of course environmentally friendly.
In addition, IMS Rail offers also the possibility to deliver all served sidings and stations in Switzerland in overnight via the Terminal Frenkendorf

The IMS Rail Switzerland AG already operates the reference trains "Rhine shuttle Basel" (Rotterdam - Frenkendorf BL), "Rhine shuttle Zurich" (Rotterdam - Rekingen AG) and the "Erasmus shuttle" (Rotterdam - Basel Bad Ubf) and also the "Léman shuttle", which connects Genève and
Chavornay via Frenkendorf with rotterdam and from now on also with Italy.
IMS Rail Switzerland AG is a neutral rail transport operator for unaccompanied combined transport (UCT) with headquarters in Basel and is a is a subsidiary company of the IMS-Intermove Systemst GmbH in Vienna, one of the largest private combi operators in Austria.


IMS launches 6 new routes to Graz

Vienna, 26. April 2013 - 6 new products for Styria

Available to all customers of IMS 6 new products to and from Graz are launched.

Internationally, the company combines the Cargo Center Graz with the northern ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven as well as the western ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, nationally, with Enns and Vienna.

"I am pleased that Graz, next to Vienna, Enns and Salzburg, is now optimally connected to the German ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven." explains Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS, "via our antenna trains from Vienna we also connect Rotterdam and Antwerp. "

"The National antenna was installed to offer a lower-cost alternative to Rail Cargo Austria to our customers, " Tomassovich defines the background of the national antennas, "I believe that this is the only way to prevent the shift to the road. "

Since the last price increase and the thinning of the network by Rail Cargo Austria there is increasingly shifting freight from rail to road.
On the one hand, the tariffs are more expensive compared to the truck and on the other hand, the timetables have gotten worse.
Also from an environmental point of view, a shift back to rail is desirable and is also promoted by IMS.


IMS with own trucks in Bratislava

Bratislava, 4. April 2013 - On 27.03.2013 IMS Cargo Slovakia started with 2 own trucks

The growing demand for national and international transport by road prompted the management of IMS Cargo Slovakia to get their own trucks,
the commercial authorization and the EU approval was granted on 27.03.2013.

"We continue to rely on our strategy of self-production in order to provide the level of quality, that our customers rightly demand from us, during the entire transport chain." said Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS and Jaroslav Dubjel, CEO of IMS Cargo Slovakia unison.

"IMS is pursuing this strategy since 2006, which ultimately decides over success or failure." said Wolfgang Tomassovich further.

And the success speaks for itself:
Since 2006, the trucking sector of IMS has established itself as a fixed size on the market.
Meanwhile, the IMS-owned fleet exists of 20 trucks, as well as nearly 60 chassis, including tilting, multi, and sliderchassis.
Own B3 chassis for all ADR classes are also available.

Annually approximately 22,000 containers are transported, the majority in the local area around the locations in Vienna, Enns, Linz and Wolfurt.


IMS launch new company train - Black Forest Express

Basel, 8. March 2013 - On 01.03.2013 the first company train arrived in Kehl

Since 01.03.2013 IMS is operating for a major logistics provider in Duisburg a company train from Rotterdam to Kehl.

Under the brand name "Black Forest Express" there is thus a link between Rotterdam and the terminal Kehl in the german Black Forest area.

"The new company train is a great success for our customer.", Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS is thrilled. "Even the first train was utilized in both directions at 100%, after 1 week we are thinking already to increase the frequency ."

IMS is responsible for the complete dispatching at Rotterdam port and the terminal Kehl, the traction including the siding to the terminals (last mile) and the customs documentation.

IMS is also responsible for the allocation of the complete train euqipment (locomotive and container wagons).

"So we reach an added value for our customer, who have no additional work for booking the cargo units."

The Black Forest Express currently operates twice a week in both directions.


IMS again increases the transport volume

Vienna, 8. March 2013 - In 2012, IMS was able to increase the volume of transport

With more than 147,000 handled TEUs and a consolidated turnover of EUR 46.3 million, the fiscal year 2012 ended for IMS.

"We were able, in spite of the difficult environment in the 2nd half of the year, once again to increase our volume compared to 2011. " says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS. "The turnover increased by the same percentage, which illustrates the general problem of our industry: With rising costs for energy, track and diesel the revenues stagnate"

"But 2012 was a good year economically, because on the one hand we were able to reduce our management costs while new traffic (eg Koper - Vienna, Rotterdam - Weil) were installed, which have performed well."

2013 will certainly, from the perspective of combined transport, again a difficult year. Based on the ongoing euro crisis and the associated restraint in consumption we can not assumed that there will be significant increases in volumes in 2013.

"As in recent years, specifically in Austria, the shift of market shares hold on. On the revenue side, continued the trend of recent years, cost increases in transportation could not be passed, or only in part, to the customers. But we have some new products in the portfolio, which are at the start in 2013, IMS is therefore also well positioned for 2013. " is Tomassovich positive tempered.