IMS opens branch office in Rotterdam Freight

To the increased demand on the routes to and from the western ports IMS responds with a recent extension of the branches. After Brussels in May 2013 now a own branch was established in Rotterdam.

"As early as the end of October 2013, the new office was registered under the name IMS CARGO Netherlands B. V., the operational start was planned from the beginning with 01.01.2014. "says Wolfgang Tomassovich, CEO of IMS.

"Also in consideration of the soon starting train product from Wolfurt to Rotterdam with antennas to Antwerp, Zeebrugge and to Melzo the step being able to act local was important for us." Tomassovich continued, "But we will continue to cooperate with our partner in Rotterdam, the company Modal Link. "

Here you can find the contact details.

IMS currently has subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.


To route and control the future traffic to and from the western ports (Rotterdam and Antwerp) better and more efficient, the project "Twinhub" of the Delft University was launched.
IMS act, in addition to other well-known representatives of the logistics industry, as a partner and will support he project with corresponding rail connections.

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