FreightCarbon footprint

Environmental protection is a matter of course for us, and we promote this with sustainability.

Through our high-frequency train systems and our environment-friendly truck fleet we actively help to reduce the CO2 emissions.

IMS saves every year thousands of tons of CO2 to keep our planet green.

You can also help to keep our environment clean

Simply transport with IMS!

In May 2024 IMS saved 421.154 kos of CO2.
(daily update - include all transports with departure in this month)

Below is a list of the avoided emissions in the current year

Calculation method

The intermodal transport solutions from IMS are designed to meet the environmental standards.
So we shift the majority of containers from the classic truck traffic to rail.
The fuel that is consumed in trucking, serves as the basis of the calculation.
The calculation based on a Euro 5 truck, with an average of 0.32 consumed liters of diesel and 0.11 kos of CO2 emissions per kilometer.

Calculation formula

Saving in CO2 = (diesel consumption (CO2-equivalent) - CO2 emissions by rail) X gross weight in tonnes x distance traveled in kilometer.