Wherever possible, we focus on the transport by rail.
This eco-friendly means of transport is more than an alternative to classical transport on the road.

Our high-frequency train systems allows us to get the maximum savings in CO2.

Up to 100% less CO2

Compared to truck transportation the saving of emissions on the rail is up to 80% .
When selecting the electricity for our trains we make use of special criteria.
Despite to the limited choice we strive to use the electricity from renewable sources.
In some countries alternatives to the classic electricity mix are available.

These alternatives are generally more expensive, but by providing extra value, this model is much more sustainable.


The mix does matter

The classic electricity mix consisting mainly of non-renewable sources.
In some European countries it is possible to increase the proportion of renewable energy sources to up to 100%.
We protect the environment on the one hand, as there are no emissions in this case, on the other hand we thus support the further expansion of this production of energy.