We send our freight invoices in electronic form since 2010.
This has the advantage that they are in digital form and can thus be better used for the further automatic reading and processing.
Of course we will also protect our environment because less paper also means protecting our forests.

Legally binding signature

To meet the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Finance, our invoices digitally signed.
To verify the signatures of the delivered e-invoice from us, you must make some settings in your IT environment.

Root Certificate Authority - Installation We use for signing the documents the certificate 'A-CERT Advanced'. Refer to the following links for information about installing the certificate and the legal basis (only available in German).

The comparison makes sure

Compare for yourself the benefits of e-billing.

Freight Freight Freight

Installation information

Settings for Adobe Reader

A-CERT ADVANCED 3 is Microsoft XP and Vista-ready. If a customer receives the first time a document / email that was signed with an A-CERT ADVANCED 3 issued certificate, the certificate store management is updated automatically (Internet connection required). Users of older Microsoft operating systems should update their certificate management using the following Windows patch:

Detailed information about the root certificate update can be found at

General information on certification can be found at

Signature law:

Additional information

If you want to import the invoice in your in-house system, we can also provide the data stream.
Currently we support the XML standard format, ASCII standard format, and Tradeshift.

Detailed information on data exchange will be provided upon request.